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Please note these important instructions:
All dogs must be collared, leashed and under your control prior to exiting your vehicle.
For your safety, do not enter gated area until instructed to enter by staff.

Urban Peformance Training Classes

One on One individualized Training Classes
Urban Peformance is a combination of intermediate and advanced training techniques designed to take your training skills and put them to use in your every day life, at home, at play, on outings, trips to the vet - real life situations. At this level you will work as a team with your canine through stressful situations. Your dog will learn to trust you in times of stress. This is the cornerstone of your training. In real life, the most crucial and critical time you need your dog to listen and obey, is when a stressful situation occurs. You will work with your dog to build confidence and stability. If you are ready to create an awesome relationship with your dog, this class is for you!

Off leash work is introduced and encouraged. Off leash recalls from further distances. Off leash heeling, turns and speed changes. Off leash sit-stay, down-stay, stand-stay from further distances. Man-made and natural obstacles are introduced. You will continue to maintain and reinforce your basic commands and add new commands - Off, Up, Turn, Moving.

Your dog is not the only one put to work in Urban Performance Classes. You are put to work too!

Patience is a virtue when training and problem solving. In order to achieve positive results, you must learn the right kind of instruction and repeat, repeat, repeat until your dog understands what you want him to do.

Training gives your dog the tools of obedience he needs in order to fulfill his natural instinct to please and obey you.

Urban Performance Classes run approximately 1 - 1 1/2 hours, rain or shine. Our large indoor facility allows us to train inside if it is raining.

Urban Performance classes are $329.00 Plus Taxes. 5 Weeks of Training (5 classes) on site only.

Our Beginner Basics program is a pre-requisite for participation in our Urban Performance program.

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